Created for Connection Online applies our 30 years of research and practice and a deep understanding of love relationships.

This cutting-edge knowledge is paired with an easy-to-use experience that tailors the program to your past relationship experience and your daily routine.

The program has 8 chapters:

Each chapter has:

Insightful video clips from relationship and attachment science experts

Teaching pieces directly from me

Check-In Quizzes to gauge progress

Videos of couples working through their own versions of the 7 relationship-changing conversations I talk about in my book Created for Connection

The program brings the wisdom of the Created for Connection program directly into people’s homes!

And we'll be there each step of the way.

Couples can decide how fast to move through each episode. As the program progresses, HomePlay exercises will be sent through email. There’s an option to receive supportive text messages based on previous answers, to develop new ways of relating to one another.



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