1. Does Sue or the online Program Manager have access to our worksheet answers or is it fully confidential?
    All of your program materials are completely confidential. No one associated with Sue Johnson Inc. has access to them.

  2. What type of device do you recommend?
    To get the full experience, we recommend using a lap top or desktop computer… Preferably with a screen size of 13” or larger and having the ability to print your worksheets.

    The program can be done on a tablet, and/or without printing the associated worksheets, but users report having a better experience when they are able to have access to printed copies of the program worksheets.

  3. How long will I have access to this program?
    You will have access to the online portion of the program for 3 years post purchase. You can revisit & replay the various episodes at any time during those 3 years. All of the worksheets, HomePlay exercises, etc. are yours to download and keep indefinitely.

  4. What operating systems is this program compatible with?
    Our system should work seamlessly on Windows 8 and above, Mac OS v10.0 and higher provided all other requirements are met.

  5. Is there a minimum internet speed I need in order to run the program?
    10 Mbps

  6. What does this program cost?
    $297 USD

  7. What is your refund policy?
    We offer a 72 hour grace period for refunds, assuming no more than 2 episodes have been viewed. After that period, all sales are final.

  8. What do I need to know about “Logging In”
    • The program can only track your progress when you are logged in.
    • When either of you logs in, you will be asked if you are viewing the program individually or together. When you choose “together” both accounts will track your progress.
    • You can access videos without officially logging in but will not be able to do quizzes or worksheets, etc unless you are logged in.

  9. Do I need to do this program with my partner?
    The program itself is designed as a joint endeavor. However, for couples who have conflicting schedules or are separated by long distances, it is possible to view the episodes individually and come together with your partner later -or even connect remotely (via FaceTime, Skype, etc) - to complete the joint portions of the program.

  10. Is there a recommended time frame to complete the program?
    The program is designed for you to do at your own pace. Some couples do one episode a week for a total of 8 weeks. Others have preferred to do 2-3 episodes a day over a series of weekends. For best results, we recommend you complete the program within 12 weeks of your start date.